Ever since we commenced operation in 2001, our engineering, development and manufacturing capabilities are organized into four divisions:-

Micro Product
Known for developing small components, right from the development stage till semi-finished goods for micro-motor, connector, lead frames and etc.

Integrated Product
This sector takes care of high-level assembly, making full use of the Morrissey expertise -- extensively in sub-assembly products like Automotive LEDs Lamp II Assembly and testing, Fibre Optic 3-D cage, etc.

Our highly-skilled experts in this field will concentrate on providing good support to ensure production runs smoothly and uninterrupted at all times.

Global Sales and Marketing
A highly collaborative team, comprising regional sales and industry-marketing professionals, provides high-level services and internal coordination to all customers.

With an array of advanced machinery and the latest in design and fabrication methods at our disposal,we are poised to serve our customers better and efficiently.In fact,our deep rooted values and highly trained personnel ensures that the needs of our customers are met.

Our commitment to quality and value chain enhancement is indeed unquiestioned as we strive towards achieving total customer satisfaction.

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